Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cast of characters

So I have had this cast of characters up since February, with not so much as an explanation.  I was amusing myself by choosing out actors and models that looked like how I imagined my characters in my book to look like.  Or, of course, when a movie is made of it.  :)  It was a fun way to pass the time while waiting to hear about my manuscript. 
 Well, I heard.
And it's a . . .
Everyone has been so nice with the congratulations and some wanted to know what it's about.  So here's a short (illustrated) synopsis.

Sophia Davis is a beautiful, 19 year old freshman at BYU. 

She also has a secret.  The year before she got married, and then 4 months later her husband walked away from the marriage.  She doesn't want to tell anyone she is divorced because she feels it's a stigma.  And what if Travis changes his mind and wants her back?  She struggles to adjust to her new single life, making it to class and dealing with her roommates.  Her secret eventually unravels in a big way, much to everyone's surprise. 

Travis, the ex husband
Bradley Benson, the interested guy
Luke James, the sensitive guy

Rhonda, the Molly Mormon roommate
Claire, the uptight, serious student roommate

Sarah, the sweet Returned Missionary
Justin, Luke's roommate

Okay, so my picture placement needs some help. 
But, at least you have a little visual about my book.  Yay!

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  1. I'm worried about the sweet returned missionary - she's had a few very "revealing" movies. You nailed the uptight serious roommate though. That was exactly who I thought should play the role. Jimmer for a random roommate? hmmm.