Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Morning! Let the Stress Begin

I am surprised that more moms don't have heart attacks in the morning.  Getting kids off to school can be so stressful.  If I was thinking of skipping the shower this morning, by the time the kids were out the door, I had worked up a big enough sweat that not showering was not an option.  I guess there is also the slight problem of my bed head.  That might tip someone off that I didn't shower.  :)

So this is my morning.

Get up at six because daughter #2 has Battle of the Books at 7:20 and she is not a morning person.  I didn't remind her last night because the whining would have started then and I didn't want her all worked up and sleeping on it.

When I wake her up at 6:20 and gently remind her she needs to go in school early, so begins the whining.  Apparently she is stressed out (she's 10) because she has Battle of the Books, choir, and the school play, her three extra-curricular activity.  The book thing meets once a week, the choir twice a week, both in the morning, and the play practices is seveal times a week after school.  What that really means is Battle of the Books isn't as cool and easy as she thought it would be and she really wants to quit.

How do I know this? Because this is the same child that repeatedly does this.  And she wonders why I don't sign her up for piano lessons.  I don't want to have to pay to listen to her whine, to listen to silence instead of practicing and fight with her about following through on commitment.

I finally tell her is she wants to quit, that she has to be the one to tell the teacher.  I am not writing her a note to get her out of it.  That seems to be something worth pondering in her mind.

Daughter #3 doesn't want to get out of bed.  By now it is 7:00 am.  School gates open at 7:35, which may seem like plenty of time, but isn't.  She lost a tooth last night, but checking under her pillow to see if the tooth fairy came does not seem incentive enough to get her to wake up.  Finally I tell her I will make her the pancakes that she really, really wanted for breakfast yesterday for breakfast today.
That is enough to lure her out of bed.

I pour the bisquik, the milk and then open the fridge to be reminded I have no eggs.  I had eggs last night, but used them to make a cake for daughter #1's birthday.  The cake was basically an egg hog, calling for five eggs.  So I am all out of eggs this morning.  Luckily, at the very back depths of my very deep food cupboard, I find a Bisquik shake and pour.  Just add water.  Just my luck, I have water.  So viola! Breakfast is served.

Then we're packing lunches.  But wait.  Instead of going grocery shopping Saturday night, we went as a family to see Jack the Giant Slayer.  I should have just gone grocery shopping instead.  So I am scrounging around the cupboards, yet again, to figure out something semi-nutrious, semi-lunch-like that I can put in my two girl's lunches.  It might end up being one of those run-to-the-store-for lunchables kind of day.

About that time, my husband comes down stairs and is ready to leave for work.  He offers to drop the girls off at school, which sounds great.  now if only I can find two matches socks . . .

By the time I wave goodbyes, kiss everyone and shut the door, I think I need high blood pressure medicine.  Maybe I should invest in a defribulator (sp?) because I think it's only going to get worse as they get older.