Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh where, oh where have I been?

I know, it's been months since my last posting.
But's it's my book's fault.
I heard from the publisher I sent my manuscript to, and they requested a revision.  So off to revising I went.  I mistakenly thought I could get it finished and returned to them in six weeks.  But obviously I didn't.  After eight weeks I thought I was still making good time.  Thanksgiving was my goal.
I felt lucky in that I had a rough draft of the sequel already written (I'm a little bit excited about my book), so I was able to cut and paste in a couple of chapters to accomplish the changes the publisher requested.  But then I had the great idea to change the sequence of events a little bit, which in turn changed the story line a bit, so I had to make sure any changes I made were consistent throughout.  So that took a little more time than planned.
Then I was lucky enough to have two friends/published authors, who nicely agreed to read my book and let me know what they thought.  I took their pointers and read and reread my book a billion times and happily sent it in on Christmas Eve.
I went to visit my parents the week after Christmas and my mom wanted to read my book.  As she read it outloud, I found error after error.  I was embarrassed that I had been so sloppy in my editing, but also realized how easily my mind auto-corrected my story because I knew it so well.
So I made the corrections, resubmitted it and blamed the mistakes on too much non-alcoholic egg nog over Christmas. 
And now I'm back to waiting.  I think the time frame is two months, give or take.  So I'm hoping I'll hear by March, and I'll be sure to announce any good news.  Any bad news, I might just keep quiet :), but I have a good feeling about it . . .

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  1. Sorry lady. You're on your own. But, make sure you mention, in your bio, that you're a 6 foot tall. It's not a lie. Just a slight exaggeration. It's totally fine. HA!