Thursday, June 9, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Today was the last day of school. While my kids are celebrating, I am lamenting. I love school. School is a good thing. There is not one bit of homeschooling desire in this mom. Not that I don't like my kids, cause I do. But I also know how this is going to go: the kids will sleep in tomorrow til about nine, watch a little t.v. and then around 11:00 am they will announce that they are BORED!

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By 11:10 I am going to look like Alice Cooper.

And thus, summer has begun.

Summers in Vegas are long and hot. Hot, like 112 degrees hot. Granted, it's a dry heat, but when you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, what type of heat it is seems irrelevant. Hot is hot!
We don't have a pool (I promise I am not whining!), or that big of a back yard, so going outside is out. We are not going on vacation this year (again, stating a fact, not whining!), so there's nothing to look forward to.

I know I sound like I'm complaining, but if anything, I think I am just voicing my longing for the good ol days when school was year round. Oh!

But, other than the fear of resembling Mr. Cooper, I still have things to look forward to, like hearing about my book. So I will continue sending out good, positive thoughts about getting published, and make sure I get some good make up remover, so my eyeliner does not end up resembling Alice.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Picky, Pickier, Pickiest

So I wrote how my kids were picky. Had another shining moment dealing with that this weekend.

We went up to Provo, Ut. for my husband's niece's wedding reception. When we arrived at my brother-in-laws house, they brought out the left over pizza for dinner. Yay! It was Papa John's. Every combination you could imagine. But combination pizza toppings are something I have yet to expose my kids to. We hardly ever buy Papa John's except if we have really good coupons. Mostly because it is Expensive. Not that I don't love it, cause I do. I really, really do! Little Caesers, on the other hand, is $5 a pizza and hot and ready to go. Plus, it is right behind my house. Literally. I look over my back wall and there is the back door of the Pizza place. I could probably safely slingshot myself there faster than I can walk.


Since we usually stick with Little Caesars, we usually stick with cheese or pepperoni. Since they weren't willing to try any of the pizzas, they were a little hungry going to bed that night.

Speaking of going to bed that night, our hotel reservations were totally screwed up. Instead of two queen beds, we got one king. Not really appropriate to be sleeping with out twelve year old boy and ten year old girl in bed with mom and dad. Esther slept over her cousins, Emmett ended up with the roll a way bed that you could litereally feel every spring (they had another one for Audrey, but it was totally "Ghetto". I'd hate to see how bad that was). So Audrey, Eve, me and Steve slept in the king bed. Rather unhappily, I might add.
But the visit got better from there. I was able to visit my friend Katrina, who moved down to Vegas same time I did, but moved back to Utah since theng. I got to do a little shopping. I got yards and yards of deep purple satin ribbon from my niece's wedding gifts, since she had no use for yards and yards of purple ribbon. I can't say I have a use for it, either. Yet. But I will find a use for it!

I found out that deodorant is flammable. So if you have a solid stick of deodorant that you are particularly fond of the scent, stick in a wick and light it up! Obviously not while applying it to you underarm, since underarms can be flammable, too.

And, last, but not least, the nieces and nephews gave me great stories about dates, school and what life is like now at their age. I don't know if they understand how much I love hearing all of it.

Overall, it was a good visit.