Thursday, February 3, 2011

Naming The Baby

What to name the blog? That is the question. It's almost as hard (but obviously not quite as hard) as naming a baby. I had to consider if it rhymed with anything rude, gross, crude, sick, wrong, funny, embarassing (I hope I spelled embarassing right, because that would be embarassing), so on and so on. I had to contemplate the tone that would be conveyed by the title. I wanted readers to get a kick out of reading my blog and not think I'm a total weirdo. I definitely did not want to give the wrong impression.

But, of course, when I thought of the PERFECT name, I ran it through the little blog namer checking program, and wouldn't you know it, it was TAKEN!!!! Aaaaaggggghhhh!!!!!

So I tried three, four, five other name choices, all involving "Sally" and "writing" and came up with this.

Who would have thought "Sally" was such a common name? I'm waiting for it to make it's resurgence like other old names. You know, Opal, Ruby, Lucy. Although, I also predict that my grandma's names of Ida and Edna will not be making an appearance any time soon. But who knows, stranger names have been cursed on poor innocent kids.

I really liked something to do with "my imaginary friends" for a blog name, but I was REALLY afraid that would give strangers, visitors, and even friends, the wrong impression about the state of my mental health. Besides it was already taken. :)

And just so you know, my "imaginary friends" is how I lovingly refer to my characters in my book. After creating their lives and "working" with them and "spending time" with them every day (also known as writing), they do become friends.

I bet Stephenie Meyer would back that up.

She just needs to read my post first.

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