Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whoops! Definitely the Wrong Word Choice!

I had this breast pump that I never used, and since I'm not planning on having more kids, decided to sell it on Craig's List.  I've sold baby and kid items before using Craig's List and usually get more money and less haggling than at a yard sale.

Listed it. No response. Renewed the listing. Sold it. Yay!

Deleted the listing, and that's when it got weird.

I got three emails about it that didn't make much sense. One started off "if you're real, and I think you are . . ." another said, "I am very attracted to you and your ad . . ." and the third one was the same as the first one.

What? My ad was for a Medela Swing breast pump, never used, and the price.  So why the weird emails?

Then it hit me.  Swing.  I think people think it's an ad for swingers.


It's not like I placed it in the personals.  It was in baby and kid stuff.  And since I don't know much about the world of swingers, and I'm very okay with that, I'm guessing maybe these senders just look for the word "swing" ??????

That's all that has happened so far, and hopefully that is all.  I'll just keep deleting the emails, although I really hope I don't get any more. And now you know my latest weird & freaky experience.

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